Business Loans

Thinking of expansion? We facilitate Business Loans to the small and medium sized companies to meet

Project Finance

Products and services that are tailor-made to suit your business requirements

Trade Facilities

Doing Business just became easier with us to help you! Working capital finance solutions,

Bank Guarantees

Trade finance products including letters of credit, trust receipts and bank guarantees

Working Capital Finance

Working capital is the amount of cash a business can safely spend.

Business Current Account

We Facilitate the opening of Business Banking Current Accounts

Mortgage loan

No More difficulty in getting a housing loan in order to make your

Vehicle Loan

Never worry about waiting too long to buy your dream, vehicle with

Personal Loans

The advantage of a personal loan is that it will most likely cost you much

Savings Account

You unlock a world of possibilities when you open a savings account with

Credit Cards

From your everyday commute to international trips,

Machinery and Equipment

Upgrade to the latest office, printing, power equipment and more

Asset Based Finance

Commercial Mortgage financing and Loans against properties